Search Engine Marketing

Media Friday has the right people and right approach to ensure your paid search is in the forefront of digital innovation. We focus on audience attribution and targeting, machine learning algorithms and managing paid search campaigns. Media Friday boost your brand reach by implementing ad copy testing, bid strategies and enhancing keyword targeting. Everything we do helps you achieve better results.

Search Engine Optimization

Media Friday has a team of practitioners to optimize content and SEO strategies. We drive your SERPs and traffic of your website by technically optimizing your website. At Media Friday, we do an extensive audit to get our teeth in to the situation and we deliver the best SEO campaigns supported by blogger outreach and content marketing.

Local SEO

Move up on the local search engine results. Media Friday focuses on bringing you to the top of Google SERP results using your location, phone number, reviews. Local SEO is a practice to filter the results based on the current location. At Media Friday, we adopt a streamlined approach in implementing local SEO to your business and aid it to stand out in the local rankings.

Come on, let’s see the real results.

Social Media Marketing

Instagramming, liking, sharing, pinning… is now the new language of this digital generation. Social media now-a-days reflects huge impact on your brand credibility. It’s high time to make your brand an authoritative voice while enhancing loyal customers. Social media marketing allows you to position your business within the marketplace without self-promoting and also encourages you to build your audience. As a social media marketing agency we introduce your brand across all social media platforms and engage in strategic campaigns that grab the attention of the loyal customers. We involve your brand in fan engagement, do paid advertising, create shareable content and much more.

So why wait? Start the conversations that convert.

Product Listing Ads

Drive up the sales of your business with product listing ads. Media Friday creates efficient PLAs to capture your customers shopping intent and promote your product sales.

Reputation Management

Brand Reputation is much more than a logo and color palette. It is what sets a company and its service apart. Our reputation management service is always data inspired and method driven. We provide you with quality and creative campaigns that wows you company with results. We change how your customers view your business in cyberspace.

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